Get Paid $$$ to Refer Paypal

Pay pal is a online merchant bank. Pay Pal allows you to send and receive money through email with other Pay Pal users. You can use Pay Pal to send money to a friend, buy and sell items at an online auction like eBay, or accept credit card, debit card, and bank account payments on your website. Refer New Merchants to Pay Pal and Earn up to $1,000.00 USD for Each Referral. The Merchant Referral Bonus Program rewards you for bringing new businesses to Pay Pal.

When you refer a new merchant who signs up for a premier or business account with Pay Pal, you'll get $10 once that merchant reaches $1000 in net sales. If the merchant gets more than $1000 in sales within their first six months, you'll also receive residual payouts equivalent to 0.5% of the merchant's net sales until their six month anniversary.
The Merchant Referral Bonus program is designed to reward referrals of non-eBay merchants. As a result, payments received for eBay items will not contribute toward the Merchant Referral Bonus.
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Get Money From Write Reviews

Get paid to maximum review survey websites. Paid survey program review is maximize your earning. Here highest paid survey review sites and review products. Paid review sites are an excellent way to make money online for free. First join free membership. Paid review websites pay you to write product reviews on their websites. which contain a database of thousands of products. Simply write some feedback on the chosen product, upload it on the paid review site, get some people to read it and you will start making money.


Ciao is probably the biggest of the few paid review survey websites. Ciao over a million registered members. The website not only pays you to answer surveys but it also pays you to write product reviews, with a large database of items to choose to review; DVDs, restaurants, books,etc.


Squidoo is one of the review content site, you make money depending on the content that you submit to the website. At Squidoo it is a bit like having your own one page website or blog, you upload product reviews content to your page and then you make money from people visiting your page and clicking ads.


Yuwie is quite a new social networking website is still in BETA stage. Already yuwie get half a million members. With Yuwie you can earn money every time someone views your own profile page. Everyone has a profile page where they can upload images/music/videos etc, receiving money for every visitor they receive.

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Write Poetry Win Cash

Participate online writing competition enter your own poem win cash daily. Submit an original poem of 20 lines or less, on any subject, using any style. Open to entries of poetry from across the world. This contest top prize of £500, as well as the chance to see your work published.

The top poetry competition site is's fully search able database of writing competitions contains details and contact information for writing contests from around the English-speaking world, including dozens which are free to enter.

The prize for first place is £500 (over $750) plus a free licence for WhiteSmoke 2008+ Creative Version (worth $99.95), with $150 for the best runner-up from the United States and £100 for the best runner-up from the United Kingdom. Ten special commendations will also be awarded and all the winners will be published in firstwriter. Magazine and receive a free year's subscription to the site worth $29.99 / £19.99.

The contest closing date for submissions is October 1, 2008, and there is a reading fee of $4.50 / £3.00 per poem. Alternatively you can enter three poems for just $3.75 / £2.50 each, five poems for only $3.00 / £2.00 each, or ten poems for only $2.25 / £1.50 per poem.
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